A lady was sitting on a ‘GRAVE’.## A man passing by there asked, “Dont you get afraid???”.## Lady replied, “There is nothing to get afraid, it was too hot inside so just came out…!!!”## lol…!!!

Wow! there’s forum for this. A great way to divert from another busy day. May I also post one? ;o)

Son killed butterfly

Dad said: "No butter for 1 week"

Son killed honeybee

Dad Said: "No honey for 1 week"

Mom killed cockroach

Son said: "Come on Dad, tell her"


guys it will be funny little but plz dont spoil this form like that

please stop it

Why not? Its the break space forum, jokes are very welcome here.

Exactly, read the forum description “Have a break - have a posting! The topic in this fora is completely open except for “you know what”. Post a good joke or other “point less” topics”."

It’s just that place on this website where you can talk about everything. Your favorite beer (or beer country), the elections in the US (!!), well just to relax and hang out.