I'll try another joke...

It was a lovely warm, bright day in the Forest. All the birds and animals were out singing and playing.

One animal was wandering around on the Forest floor when suddenly he bumped into another creature doing the same thing.

“Oh I’m terribly sorry , I do hope I didnt hurt you…only you see I am blind and cannot see where I am going” He said.

“Thats quite alright , I fully understand” replied the other animal, " You see I too am blind !"

"Ohhh what a coincidence " said the first creature “I wonder if you can help me? you see I do not know what kind of animal I am. Could you touch me and describe what I am?”

“of course” replied the other creature and he began to touch the other animal.

“Hmmmm” He said…“you are very fluffy, with a wet nose, prominent teeth and big floppy ears”

“Oh Goody !!” exclaimed the first animal in delight. “I am a bunny rabbit!! I always wished to be a bunny rabbit and now I am!!!”

“Can you help me in return?” replied the other animal.

"Yes of course " said the Rabbit and proceeded to touch the animal.

“Ooooo…your skin is cold and clammy and covered in scales…Your body is long and thin and your tonque keeps flicking out . Im sorry but Im not sure what you are!” reported the rabbit

“Oh No. I do!!” cried the animal in despair…“I’m a Lawyer!!”

Hi Steve…better but dont give up the day job just yet

If you had been on stage I would guess that would have been followed by a considerable period of silence and perhaps the odd tumbleweed. Still better than the rotten tomatoes thrown at you when the last one was told . . . . [:D]

Well put Steve, Adam’s growing fast judging by the latest pics…Paul