Lisence Issue

Assume X as Client. X has implementation in India(IN) as well as Singapore(SG). Now I am talking about IN issue

X using temporary license and this license is going to expiry by next 13-14 days. So we need your help to resolve this issue instastantly any way we are going to get new license at later point of time. We are planning to use X license for X but there are some problems:

  1. We encountered the error if we directly import the X SG license to X . (Error in STX file says the country code “IN” no into license)
  2. If we create the Database with SG license and use SG client and run the batch process Adjust Cost Item Entires then another error encountered(you do not have the permission to modify the value entry table). While Codeunit 5836 – CalcProdOrderLineRoyaltyCost function modifying one customized file (Royalty WIP Adjusted). Even I get error if I create a new role with Value Entry table and assigned all permission (Insert, Modify, Delete etc) and assign in my access (with super rights).
    We really appreciate a quick solution on this issue.

What is a temporary license? I only know about partner licenses that have an expiration date. Who is issueing “temporary” licenses?

Hi Pushpraj,

Microsofft issue temporary licenses for various reasons, and generally at the time of issue there is a time line and plan put in place as to when the full license will be released, so its odd that it got to 13 days before expiry. At a guess it looks like the teporary license wwas to allow you to merge the singapore and Indian databases. Basically you need to work out which localization you are going to use from each country version, then decide on the base license, and then merge objects from the other country into this license.

Even you dvelopers license (IN) won’t be able to access SG localizations, which is why you have a special or temporary license. Oddly though CU 5836 shoul not be a localized object.

They are issued by Microsoft for special purposes. For example if you are about to sell a 400 users system, and the cleint needs to test 400 users before purchasing the license. But more commonly they are done for upgrades when you need functionality from different localizations to be merged. They are allways date limited, so like a developer license they expire after a while.

Thanx David!