Lisence problem

Hi Everyone.

if anyone of you got such strange issue ?

“The license upload to SERVER1” create vendor No problem, But when uploaded it to another server we got the permission problem " You do not have the permission to read the interaction log entry table. Vendor card must be close"

all objects the database on the two server are the same, just different in data.

Any ideal will be warmly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Are the user same for both the server when creating vendor master.

yup, everyone log in the server got the same pb.

If data was placed in a table that you do not have permission for, using another license, the code will error out when using your license. This is because when the code does things like a FIND, as long as there is no data in the table, it will not error.

Solution is to delete the record or records from the table it is saying you do not have permission for. You could verify your permission on the other database by going to Object Designer and trying to run that table.

Yup, thanks for you kindly reply.

I found the reason why got the permission pb. Because our customer’s license do not have the permission to read Interaction Log entry. And natively Microsft write the function code “TYPECHANGE” in Contact table, So after I assigned the Market for customer and vendor, The codeunit “VendorCont-update” will call “TYPECHANGE” function, and more over, I have not the permission to read. So the pb appeared.

my solution is move the “TYPECHANGE” from the contact table to a new codeunit, and assign the related permission for the table “Interaction Log Entry” and save. The pb resorlved.

thanks for all replies in my question.