License Issue ??

I wonder if any of you have experienced this error in 3.10. If we are using an end user license without access to the Portal Modules and while converting a Sales quote to a Sales Order, the system gives an error “You do not have rights to the Synchronisation Management Codeunit”. This codeunit is activated only if the license has the commerce portal/user portal module. So if the user license does not have acess to the portal modules, the quote cannot be coverted to an order. We do not get this error while using the NSC development license as the license has acess to all modules. Cheers,

Hi Rohit, In the developer license you have the access of all onjects available in the Navision. But when the NTR cut the license they give the access of only paid module. I had also faced similar problem with my client for Reason Code granual. Please contact your NTR regarding this issue.

Hi Rajesh, Yes I know that the NTR gives access to paid modules, but my query was …why is the quote not converting to order even though the client has purchased the Sales Order Granule? Well I did get the reply from my NTR just now. It is a bug and we need to add a global variable in Codeunit 86 and add a find statement. Thanks