License Issue

Hi, I have an issue with loading navision using developer’s license (both app dev & solution dev). I am able to work with the normal license but by loading new license the application getting crashed. The error says " Fin.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows.You will need to restart the program. ".Can anyone please provide a solution for this? Best Regards Hari

Are you accessing a local or a server database? Try placing your developer license in Navision’s program folder as, example. “C:\Program Files\Navision\fin.flf”. Does it still crash when you start the program like this? Also, copy the normal license to a different file name and try changing license from the normal one to the newly renamed normal license. Does it also crash?

Hi Nelson, Yes, iam accessing the local database and the same problem continues… Best Regards Hari

Hi Hari, The licence file you are trying to use must be corrupted. Try using a different copy of the same licence. Regards, Srinivas Shetty

I do hope that Hari and Nelson are NSCs. Either way this does not belong in the develop forum.