Is it possible to Delete Navision Variables dynamically

Hi Everyone,

I need to delete all the code,functions and variable of particular table dynamically. Is it possible in navision… i need only fields in the table.

Hi selvakumar,

Ya you can delete by writing code in triggers according to your requirement.

can you elaborate bit ??? what code you i ll write to delete variables ???

Or just open the object in the designer, select all the code lines (CTRL+A) and delete them (F4); repeat this step for variables, text constants and function takes a few seconds per object.

One thing you confirm me that the datatype of variable.if it is a Record type just write the following


Try it once

i have to do it for 217 objects then i have to delete table relations and flow field too… if the count is less then i can do as you told

Hi Selvakumar,

What is it that you’re trying to accomplish by doing this? I can’t imagine that a stripped-down table object is the end result of your project. What are you planning to do with the table object once you have it in this condition?

Hi George,

i need to delete few field of all data from customer table, just assume these are the fields (name,address,phone no) after deleting i need to store only those deleted field values into new table. so instead of creating new table, i just gave save as to customer table and created new table. while doing these all the variables,functions of old table will be there in new table. but i dont want those variables,functions and extra code.(i have to do this for 217 tables) . so its really tough to delete manually so i am lookin for dynamic way [:)] i hope you ll understand my requirement