How to delete the Navision Code Unit from SQL server Management Studio?

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Kindly tell me to delete the Navision Code unit object from SQL server Management Studio.

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Baba Guru.

With some reluctance (as I wonder why you would like to do that and are aware of what you are doing): all objects are stored in the Object table.

Why You want to do that from SQL why not from Navision ???


i have more than 100 DBs. i need to delete some of the common object from all the DBs . if i go with SQL it will save lot of time but my doubt is that will create any problem. if delete object from SQL.

First rule of thumb working with NAV & SQL: never, ever delete anything from SQL side. Always start with NAV, else you will be in a world of hurt.


In general I would say that Sean is right. At least when we talk about production environment.

If you this is not live databases, but databases, used only for references (I usually store raw copies of my old customers database, just in case I ever need to see what I did before or resuse some of my code) AND I first assured me that I had a workable backup, then I would just go ahead.

Just remember, if you’re trying to delete tables, then delete the data first!

Sean Nguyen & Erik P. Ernst

thank you so much for suggestion, then i have to delete manually :slight_smile:

Just remember if you do delete them, then you database most like will no longer compile correctly, and if some other table/functions are calling the deleted codeunits, then NAV will fail. :slight_smile: