Delete Imported Object

Hi All

I just want to help on the Issue I got in Navision.

I imported a new report and I still is can not delete that report. The reason could be that I am working On NAV 5 .

The system is not allowing to delete and triggers a message that I dont have permission but I am a SUPER user.

Any solution is appreciated.

Thank you

Check the Sql permission for user id.

I think it’s more related to a license issue rather than a permission problem: are you working with the same license used for import the report? Which ID does it have?

Thanks Amol and Daniele for the reply

The ID is 60010 but How could it allow me to import if that is the license Issue ?

We are talking about User id which you are using for deleting the object and not the object id.

You need to try to change the license with your user id and if then it is not allowing then you need to contact your partner/Administrator.


This shows the object you imported in Navision isn’t part of your license.

You can import the object which isn’t included in license but can’t run that object. You can try to run the object.

Now, the object can only be deleted either using license which includes that object ID or developer license otherwise not.

You have another option, although it will take some time and effort on your part, and will involve building a new database. You’re basically going to create a new database from a NAV backup of the current database, but you’ll modify the process just slightly.

First, you’ll need to make a backup of the current database using the NAV client (as opposed to making a SQL backup or Hot Copy). In this backup, you’ll include all companies, all objects, and all data common to all companies … essentially a full backup. If you can’t make a native NAV backup of the database, then this approach won’t work.

Next, create a new database, also using the NAV client interface. Make sure that this new database has all of the same properties as the old database in terms of code pages, etc. Obviously, it will either need to have a different name than the original database, or be created on a separate SQL Server.

Once you’ve created this new database, the next step is to import the objects from the backup file you just created. Open Object Designer, click File | Import, then navigate to and select the backup file you made earlier. When you get the dialog prompt, reply with whatever answer will open the Import Worksheet (sometimes the right answer is Yes, sometimes it’s No. Just read the message carefully to be sure you get it right.) Once you see the Import Worksheet, click Replace All button in the bottom left of the window. Then, and this is the key step, locate the report object that you want to delete, and change the action from Create to Skip. Then click OK. This will import all of the objects from the backup file, except the problem report.

Once you’ve completed that step, close Object Designer, the restore the backup from within the NAV client using Tools | Restore. Since you’ve already imported the objects, the restore process will move straight to the work of restoring the data. Once the restore process is complete, you’ll have essentially deleted the problem report object.

See, easy, right?

Thank s Beheem & George.

George ,though I cant apply your solution , It seems quite understandable.

I still want to know what will happen to the report when we upgrade to NAV2013 any idea ?

What about this blog?

Did you try this ?

Hi Mohan

I have just tried it ,but cant work for me,Still cant get a permission to create the Id.

thank you