Inventory Posting Production Financial Dimensions AX 2012

We are currently in the process of implementing AX 2012, but are having issues with the financial dimension that are posting during production. We have setup a financial dimension to track subsets of raw material inventory and finished goods inventory. When a production order is created and the items are being pulled from the raw materials during the consumption, it is assigning the finished goods inventory financial dimension. Does anyone know of a way to get the raw material financial dimensions to post to the GL instead of the finished good dimensions. I know if works in our currnet AX 2009 environment properly.

ie. GL Account - Financial Dimension

Raw Materials - Paint

Raw Materials - Canvas

Finished Goods - Picture

The posting of the material consumption is using the Raw Materials GL account, but assigning the “Picture” as the financial dimension, not the “Paint” and “Canvas” as I would expect.