Inventory value report AX 2012 for reconcilliation

Hello, I set up a inventory value report that would compare Inventory to financial position. I ticked ware-house dimension & summarize physical/financial amount with totals. for inventory - I enter the raw material inventory account

I am baffled to find that the report shows 100% discrepancy for the period (I used inventory movement journal to update stock with quantity and cost for both raw and finished goods)

Any idea what am i missing here? However, when I run the potential conflict with the same account, it shows total inventory and GL balance and discrepancy amount -

I had to use the total inventory account

Does your dimension set include the accounts? Have you tried included transactions not posted to ledger? Have you selected teh include beginning balance?

Hi Adam, I created a total account type that totals raw & FGI.(2500) now I am able to run the value report and compare inventory with financial position - Report shows the total inventory and GL - with the break of up raw and FGI. it is working fine for sys admin

however, when the accountant logs in (who also have sys admin), oddly the report only show FGI items!!

I have this total account -2500 included in the accounting structure; I also rebuilt/updated the dimension set that the report refer to.

since I am running the total, i didn’t select the “beginning balance”. I even restarted the AOS!.

note: I am using the Main account in the dimension set.