Inventory Journal Stuck?


I am having an issue with the Inventory Transfer Journal.

A user created it and now it is stuck in the In use state. We cannot get back into it.

All users were logged off and we even rebooted the AOS server and it is still stuck.

Is there anyway to refresh it or unlock it?

Much thanks


Try running a job in the AOT containing the following code:

InventJournalTable inventJournalTable;



select forupdate inventJournalTable where inventJournalTable.JournalId == “The_blocked_journal_Id”;

inventJournalTable.SessionId = 0;

inventJournalTable.SessionLoginDate = DateNull();



The job removes session data of the last user accessing the journal. If this data exists, AX blocks other users from accessing this journal.

Ask users not to quit AX by killing the process by the task manager, since that was probably the cause of this error.



Try Tool → option → Usage Data → Reset (It may help)