Movement Journal

Dear All,

While posting the movement journal, the system is throwing the error " Insufficient Inventory Transaction with status onorder, reserved ordered, reserved physical and picked" please guide me how to resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance


I would guess you “imported” the movement journal lines, is this correct?

Dear AdamRoue,

Yes i have Imported the movement journal lines. All Lines are correct.there is no error in lines.

Thanks in Advance.

When you manually create a line in a journal that involves stock it also writes to the inventory transaction table. Your import does not do this so a fundamentally required table is missing. Press teh stock button and transactions and see nothing, manually add one and do the same and you see a record. This has been discussed in here before if you search


While importing, have you updated InventTransId?

On manual creation of journal line, InventTransId gets created but not with import. Probably that is creating problem.

try to update the InventTransId through job.


Dear Adam,

Thanks for your Kind reply.

Enough stock is available But the system is not allowing to post the journal. what could be reason?



Which part of the replies do you not understand?

You imported the journal incorrectly - you have not imported the data into all of the tables required by the system. The system is not at fault, it is your import and because of this the error is given.

turn on the debugger and place a breakpoint in the class info, method add

start the proces again, when the error occur, the debugger wil start, look in the stack, perhaps it will help

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You do not need debugger, the import never created the inventtrans entry which the system needs to post the journal.