Inventory Journal Posting Error in AX 2009

Hi all,

I found an error while posting inventory journal (Inventory Counting, Inventory Transfer etc.) if we enable ModifiedDateTime property on InventJournalTrans or Inventory journal related tables. It throws following error.

The operation cannot be completed, since the record was not selected for update. Remember TTSBEGIN/TTSCOMMIT as well as the FORUPDATE clause.

Can anyone please tell me the reason for this error?


Is there any change in the code? The error says that a record is being updated not in a ttsScope(between ttsbegin and ttscommit), not selected forupdate. try to debug.

Kranthi, thanks for your reply but there no single change in codes.I set the InventTrans table ( I am not sure it was InventJournalTrans or inventTransPosting ) property ModifiedDateTime as YES and from one blog I got the clue that It may happening because of this property. After removing this property it is working fine.


Please see the below link


Hi AX Gurus,

Any comments on this issue???


Well you state no single code change, but your original post states “if we enable ModifiedDateTime property” so basically do not enable the ModifiedDateTime property and you will not get the error - seems to me like you are causing your own issue. So the normal route would be to report this to MS and they issue a hotfix, which they have done if you look at the blog, so install the hotfix then make your change. What other comments would you like?