Item Locked for Updates Error- AX 2009

Whenever there is a journal count happening of an item, it stops sales order and interstate transfers from completing.

To resolve this, I need to reset the countingstarted to zero in inventitemlocation to resolve the problem. This is a temporary solution I am doing.

can anyone provide me the exact solution?

Thx ya!

Do not lock items for counting and use the process of the cycle count to control the movement - the process must ensure the area is ringfenced and movement prevented from the time of creation - your issue is the on hand is calculated as x, you then count y and the difference is posted, if you count y after movement because you allow it the difference posted would be incorrect.

Inventory Management > Setup > Parameters

This option is locks an item during the counting process to prevent updates such as packing slip, picking list, or picking list registration.

Select Inventory management > Common Forms > Item details > Setup > Warehouse items > General > Counting started to check whether an item is in the counting process.

Thanks Adam. :slight_smile:

But ensure you control your count process and movement correctly, otherwise you will start posting differences that do not exist and cause yourselves all sorts of issues.

Noted. thx Adam [:D]

Noted. thx Adam [:D]