Interoperability with other ERPs


Can someone tell me some basic info on B2B with MS Nav? - I want to know how can I accept order from another ERP system (SAP)?

Can you recommend a good book or online tutorial?


You won’t really find tutorials on this. Depending on the version of NAV you have several integration options: flat file exchange, web services, etc. Are you developing this solution or just looking for add-ons?

I’m a student and for a project so I must develop the solution (just to demonstrate a simple EDI), I must try to exchange data between different ERPs(EDI). I’m using NAV 5.0 and there is something called XMLPort… can I use this? Or web services? Can you tell me where can I find more of that, to what port of app do I send data, to what web service address, how to setup those addresses? I think the main point is to develop an application that will act as an adapter between those systems…

Probably you will be needing Biztalk Server do that? What kind of data interchanges the system has to do? You can use XML for demonstration , if this is what you want to do.

I need to create an order in Nav, get that message in visual studio, do the message translation and pass it on… Now, I must create an application that would replace biztalk, so the communication goes trough my program. So, how can I do this EDI? Basically receive a message, translate it, and pass it to some other system (in this case another ERP)

What message to recieve and to where and what to translate? please explain more a bit.

An order, as I already mentioned. This order is an xml (or other type of?) message when it’s transferred to another system? And than adapt it for that system…

Try to create .net function that would read the xml file and store its contents in other system’s table and run that .net function from navision something like that?

Well any Order in nav has many parameters and you should carefull map with other system’s fields and parameters. Best thing is to use biztalk server for B2B communication, but for your project you try different things.


See if you can get your hands on material that covers something called “Commerce Gateway”, which is the standard NAV Biztalk integration. Read the installation manual, and see if you can use the product out of the box. It already has an order confirmation as its standard component, so if you don’t have any specific requirements, that could do the trick.

You’ll need the license to be able to use it though, and I don’t know if your school has a developer license available to extend it to your needs.

I checked the 5.0 product disc, and the Commerce Gateway installation manual is in the Doc folder. The document is called ‘w1w1NACG.pdf’ and it will give you all the steps to install it. You’ll also need SQL Server and Biztalk. Do the installation step by step, exactly in the same order as what the manual says. If the manual says to install SQL Server before Biztalk, DO NOT do it the other way around. I can tell you from personal experience that CG is VERY sensitive, and you have to follow the manual to the letter.

Good luck, hope you get a good grade [Y]