Import purchase orders from XML (OIO or UBL) or EDI


We have a customer asking for the ability for them to send us purchase orders by XML (OIO or UBL) or EDI, which we then need to import into our Dynamics NAV 5.0.

Is it possible and if so, how do I proceed?

Thanks a lot in advance! It’s my first post here, but since I’m new to Dynamics I hope to contribute more in the future.



Hi Nic,

Welcome to the Dynamics User Group!

This is a common request but is not handled by standard Nav. You have two options to solve this - develop a custom solution or to buy an add-on depending on the complexity and budget. There are a number on add-on in the space (we provide one) that handles EDI and will create the Sales orders automatically for you. You may also be required to send back information once you can communicate electronically e.g. Despatch advice, Invoices, Credit Memos, Price lists, etc.


BizTalk Server is Microsoft’s integration tool and I have personally worked on several project that have transformed XML (OIO, UBL, cXML, ebXML etc.) and EDIFACT messages into formats that can be accepted by Dynamics NAV via the Commerce Server Gateway.

Although BizTalk Server represents a reasonable financial investment, it also offers a number of other benefits ‘out-of-the-box’, which are not offered by rival transformation tools, such as: its enterprise pub/sub architecture; 25 line-of-business adapters allowing you to seamlessly integrate a wide range of business systems; business process management and workflow capabilities, enterprise-grade message handling and reliability, to name just a few.

Can I suggest that you take a look at the BizTalk Overview and Business to Business Integration pages on the Microsoft website for more information.

If you require any further specifics on how BizTalk can be leveraged to support the XML and EDI formats mentioned above, please PM me or leave a further comment.

Kind regards, Nick.

Thanks Guys,

Seems like a quite large task to complete. I thought we might be able to just create a XMLport and then manually import those - at least for now since it’s only one customer who requested it, but thats not possible?

I need some addon or even the BizTalk to be able to even manually import those?

Hi Nic,

XMLports are a perfectly good solution if there is a low level of complexity - importing into the Sales Header / Line with proper validation