Navision Biz Talk Server SAP and IDOCS

We need to integrate our European Navision systems with a central SAP R3 installation using the IDOCS standard.

Does any one have experience of building an interface like this?

All of your comments and experience will be gratefully received.

You need BizTalk or other mapping tool. Do you have access to partnersource? There are few documents related for you are trying to achieve. The most diffcult part it will be mapping IDOC to BizTalk. BizTalk will generate an XM File and you can simply import in Navision using XML port.

Nuno, Thanks for your reply.

We are an end-user so we do not have access to PartnerSource. Can you recommned articles or white-papers or other sources of information that are usable and are available from our supplier.

I am not sure that the mapping will be so difficult, long and complicated for sure.

I am more concerned about the additional configuration work on Navision, the reliability of the solution and ease of maintenance.

By the end of the day I will try upload some whitepapers and other things from partnersource.

I have done similar projects with SAP files but without BizTalk. (BizTalk it’ recommended, but you can also parse those files without BizTalk).

You will have Navision < - > Biztalk < - > SAP

Every time you receive information from SAP you will map those documents in BizTalk and write it to a Folder, MSMQ, etc.
Navision will listen for request folder, MSMQ for requests. Navision will process that XML file and write it down to output folder.

It’s an easy concept.

Thanks for the offer to upload - please tell me when that has been uploaded then I will have some bed-time reading.

I agree that the concept is easy - the XML-IDOCS mapping will be complicated and the configuration will be difficult.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

I have uploaded 4 whitepapers in download section. There are a lot of information about that subject.

My preferred method is importing / exporting without using BizTalk.
Right know I’m also finishing a integration project with SAP (order, vendors, etc). [:P]

I you want latter I can give detailed more information.

Hello and thank you.

I have downloaded the paperwork and now need to read and digest the information.

We have 6 Navision instances (AT, CH, DE, FR, SE and UK); 2 are runnnig 3.70B, the others will be running 4.00 SP3.

We need to exchange customer order and internal order information with av central SAP R3 system which is exchanging information with an external logisitics company.

We will use IDOCS standard for information exhcange.

We need some flxibility for future projects and minimum intervention in each of Navision operations.

Planned go-live in January 2008.