Send XML Data to Navision throw MSMQ

Hi everybody!

I have to send some xml data via MSMQ (I can’t use Biztalk, and somewhere I read that this is the best solution to exchange data…) throw C#.NET. Could everyone help me? Have you an example source or docs to read?

Thanks a lot !!!

Check this


the Micorsoft’s link seems to be very interesting… [:D] but, unfortunately, I haven’t a web service…

I have to exchange some datas (orders and prices) from an old ERP in AS400, this is the reason for which I thought to use a “stream” in XML and to import via MSMQ (and Navision Application Server) in Navision. It could work?

I can’t use a Bitztalk server… [:(] and I try to found an alternative solution. Have you suggestions?


You could skip web services layer, you can send messages from AS400 directly to MSMQ. An easier way it’s is to create a shared folder between AS400 and Navision and share files

WOW Woderfull [<:o)]

Your first solution it would be the one which I prefer, 'cause I could check when something is send by/to AS400. The second one it would be great, but is it possible to schedulate a check of the shared folder every day (for example…) ?


Yes, it’s possible to schedule file check isn’t complicated.

How can I do? Could you show me? [:)]

Follow the link in this post to partnersource. Download sample code from partnersource, you only have to adapt it to your current XML dataports.

Thanks !!!

Excuse me… what link I have to follow?

Sorry … [:$] Select link to partnersource