Inserting record in DimensionFocusBalance Table

Dear All,

I am doing a customization in AX 2012 where I need to Modify , Trial balance report (LedgerTrialBalance). I need to update DimensionFocusBalance Table . I am unable to find how and when DimensionFocusBalance table is updated.

Any comments or suggestions will be helpful !!!

Put a breakpoint in update() method of DimensionFocusBalance table and simulate the process when it gets updated. Then look at the call stack in the debugger to find the right place.

Hi, thanks for your response…I am not able to find Update() method in DimensionFocusBalance Table.

I didn’t find any rows been added while making a purchase. But LedgerTrialBalanceDP class which is used in generating Trial balance report (LedgerTrialBalance) is using the data from the table DimensionFocusBalance.

how its updated?

Override an update() method if it doesn’t exist and then put a breakpoint (select the methods node, right-click, override a method > update). After doing this you will see a super() method call in update() method, put a breakpoint there.

If somewhere in the code this table gets updated using update() method, you will find it in call stack. But it’s possible that it is updated using doUpdate() method, in this case you won’t see this place in call stack when you put a breakpoint in update().

*AX won’t even hit the breakpoint in update() if doUpdate() is used…