AX 2012 trial balance is empty

Hi all!

Do you have idea why even if you have a lot of posted transaction still your trial balance is empty? dimension set is mainaccount


On the dimension set, click on Rebuild balance and Update balances. Balances will be updated in trial balance.

Also, put check mark on Update on posting so that you needn’t run job again and again.


Can you guide me the path of the above mentioned option ?

Is there any performance issue if i place a check mark ?

General Ledger → Setup → Financial Dimension → Financial Dimension Sets

Select the financial dimensions and then click on Rebuild and Update balances.

Yes there can be performance issue if the transaction posting is high in volume and that’s why option is there for update.


Hi Pranav,

“Also, put check mark on Update on posting so that you needn’t run job again and again.”

I am unable to find this check mark.

Can you guide me.


Thomas Philipose

I have more deep issue.

Balance on simple dimenstion set (only main accounts) exist, but one account balance missed. Using all another dimension set, balance found, transactions request has exact list. All transactions from document, which create this balance, found. Including correspondent account in the lost-balance-transaction.

It was situation, when this dimension set was blocked, no users work this time. I press unblock, rebuild, update.

Balance rebuild/update not helps.

In Turnover inquiry and balance report all ok.

Do someone knows, how to resolve it?

Turnover inqury any where ok. Trial Balance report for all another dimension sets, except simple dimension set (the same situation, as in balance form)

Not found source of issue.


  1. Remove dimension set from traditional financial reports and it’s row refinitions

  2. Remove dimension set

  3. Create new dimension set with the same set

  4. Rebuild balance

Issue closed.