Importing outstanding customer invoices from old system

I am using a rapid start package to import all of the open invoices/Credit memos etc from my old system.

I have created two sheet within excel, one for the sales header information and the other for the sales line information.

I have managed to import all of the information and looks ok.

When I try and batch post the invoices they all fail to post. If I post them individually they post fine. As you can imagine I with over 2 thousand entries I don’t want to have to manually post them all.

also when I imported I got the following message, please can someone advise on the cause of this and how to avoid this on my next import.

Thanks for any help in advance.


4130.screen two.png

Hi Beanie,

As a general rule, then you should not import outstanding invoices into the sales header/lines.

Outstanding invoices are already posted in the old system and therefor part of the G/L balances already. Instead you would import all open invoices to the general journal, so that your A/R would be functional. The balancing account would be the G/L account you use to post the total value in g/l, when loading those values.

If instead you’re talking about open orders, then you may import them into the sales headers/lines. But it has always been something I have tried to avoid, unless we talk 500+ orders, as it’s really a pain to do. I have yet not been able to get it all right when using the Rapid Start tool for this. There are simply too many things that can go wrong, and you would end up with messages similar to the one above, as it would still show you all messages when running the use data function.

The message is just a message, not an error. It always happens if you use a posting date older than today. You would have to press ok 2000 times, if that’s how many records you’re importing.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your help with this.

I have now successfully posted all my open invoices using the general journal.

Good end to the weekend! [:)]

Thanks again