HR & GA add-on in navision

Dear all eperts, I want to apply a complete human resource and general affairs (HR & GA) here. I have seen the human resource in navision but only simple. The division of HR & GA consists of : A. HR 1. Recruitment 2. Training & Development 3. HR activites 4. Industrial relation B. GA 1. Household 2. Building maintenance 3. Vehicle operation & Maintenance 4. Environment 5. Insurance 6. Security C. LICENSE/LEGAL (LAW) 1. Business 2. Expat 3. Building 4. Vehicle D. EXPORT/IMPORT Pls let me know if there are some companies of navision reseller have made some add-on relates to above mentioned need. I would like to contact them and will try to buy the add-on if it fits the requirement. I actually need it before next monday. I appreciate your help to give me the info so much. rgds, Mark

Hi Mark Your best starting point would be the official Microsoft Add-on catalogue. As HR is generally considered separate (Depending on the actual processing) you could also consider purchasing a separate 3rd party HR specific piece of software and integrating it if you need to.

Dear Steven, tks a lot for your answers. Could you tell the add on catalogue website ? rgds, Mark

Mark, the Add On Catalogue can be found here: Perhaps the Resource Directory might help aswell: Saludos Nils

Dear Nils, tks for your reply. I will try to browse it. rgds,