Looking for a Staff Management Add-on to Nav V4

Does anyone know or have an add-on to Nav v4 that deals with the HR functions of:

• Performance review capability
• Analytical module
• Compensation Management
• Talent Planning

I have been told of a similar product (http://www.successfactors.co.uk/small-business/), but I would like to keep it in the ERP if possible ???

Thanks in advance.

Dean :D

Hi Dean,

the whole issue of Human Relations, Staff management and of course Payroll is a complex one in an ERP environment. With the exception of things like production labour costs, and sales commissions etc, HR really does not fit into the ERP model working with Navision.

There are Staf management Add-Ons out there, but I don;t knwo really how successfull they are or were. The issue with Add-Ons, is that it only makes sense to have Add-Ons integrated into Navision, if there is a commonality that makes sense to share data. personally I don’t even like having payroll in Navision.

Please look around at add-ons, but don’t discount the idea of having staff management separate to Navision.

This is of course just my opinion, but its based on years of Navision experience and a lot of scenarios where clients did try to manage staff in Navision.