Human Resource Data and Navision

My company uses Navision for many things, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, purchasing, etc… We have a standard “package” for human resources. I’ve uploaded a data card for every employee, but I’m finding MUCH of the data is missing that you would usually find in an HR system. I can’t upload salaries. I can’t accrue PTO (only record it). I can’t add a supervisor field, etc…

With that being said, has anyone had a positive experience using the HR portion of Nav? We’ve already spoken to both of our contacts, and I’m not certain they understood us or we requested the correct information. Is there a larger function Nav can serve for HR that we’re not aware of? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

It’s been my experience that NAV “gets by” with it’s HR system and that there are a shortage of people that actually know how it works (I could be dead wrong here). If you want a full HR system I don’t think NAV is the best choice and I would look at something else.

Navision has never had a “full-blown” HR sytem, and never will in standart - because such HR system is closely tied to Payroll, and it is impossible to design an world-wide usable payroll due to legislation differences.

In every (??) country this functionality is available either as local AddOn, or Partner(s) have designed a solution they offer to clients. Up to now I know only one country, where very sophisticaded HR & Payroll system is inlcuded “out-of-box” in localised version, and this country is Russia. MS Russia, which localises Navision for RU, was enforced by legal requirements to include it, otherwise it would be illegal to sell (and use) the program in Russia.