how to use AssistEdit in unbound form?

hai… I want to use assist edit in unbound form

as your information, I’m using variable(from table user, which is I add a field for this table, named “Engineer Email” )

and I want to add assist edit for variable ListEmail (using textbox)

so if I want to fill the listEmail, i could use assitedit that refers to Table User, and “Engineer Email” should be filled in listemail

how can i do that?

I already set AssistEdit properties to Yes, in ListEmail

Hi Stan,

You need to write code in the OnAssistEdit-trigger of the ListEmail-textbox control, that does a lookup to the employee-table, fetches the record, and fills the value from the “Engineer Email”-field into the ListEmail-variable.

thanks sander

I already fix the problem :slight_smile:

thank you for your help and information