AssitEdit Button on Form

Hello, i want to link my field “Code” (Tablefield, part of Key) to a No. Series using the “AssistEdit” Property in the Textbox, but it won’t work. Source table LookupformID and DrilldownformID are filled. C/AL Code in Trigger AssistEdit tells me the AssistEdit is unknown. No. Series for the field “Code” has been placed in a setup table and is related to table “No. Series”. How can i make that AssistEdit Button work? Pushing the AssistEdit-Button shows no effect. Thanks in advance. Tobias Weber

Tobias, could you post the code in your trigger and functions? Thanks, Alastair

Hi Weber, Your “AssistEdit” need to do some coding. Example: ====== Please refer Form 21 Customer Card. In this form, No. have a trigger called “No. - OnAssistEdit” Under this trigger, “AssistEdit(xRec)” will called a function “AssistEdit(OldCust : Record Customer) : Bolean” in Table 18 Customer

Well, it seems i tricked myself. I thought, AssistEdit behaves like an internal, hidden function/trigger in Navision with a link to No. Series. In the meantime, i read some lines of code in table 18 and 36, suddenly, everything made sense when i found the function “AssistEdit”. Don’`t know why i was searching for a bool var named Assist Edit all the time in the standard sourcecode. Thanks a lot for your help. Tobias Weber