how to set security filter on FORM.

Now I want to set security filter for Unit Price on sales order.Let some people can read unit price, and the other are not allowed to read it. Can it be implemented on FORM level, not TABLE DATA? I do not intend to create another form. I ever tried it as follow, but it failed. It still can be shown by using Shown Column. IF userid THEN CurrForm.Control.VISIBLE := FALSE; Any good ideas? Thank in advance.

Hie, Try to in the format trigger of your control this CurrForm.“No.”.UPDATEFORECOLOR(x); with x = the same color that ForeColor so the data will be invisible :> OR don’t permit to this user to go in the menu show column

Let us be serious IF you Place your instruction visible(false) in the format trigger of your control. This is ok If your user go to the show menu to put it on visible navision go after in the format trigger and then your control stay invisible. Bye

VISIBLE(FALSE) in the OnFormat trigger will do the trick. Also, FYI, Lanham Associates are offering a good product to manage security on forms. For every role/user, it is possible to setup security on forms, stating for every field if it’s visible, editable, etc.

Hi Marvax and David, It works and is very helpful for me. Thanks you very much.