How to record payments from customer?

Hi all,

I am a pretty new to navision still, as such I would like to find out how do we record payments (cheque’s, cash) from customer?



Use the cash receipt journals or the payment journals.

financials management \ bank management \ …


Did you Check Cash Receipt Journal and Payment Journal?

hi mohana,

thanks for replying, i did check sales receipt journal because he is an existing customer that in our Live database,
his payment method in customer card: tt (Telegraphic transfer) which i guess would be consider cash payment (i might be wrong).

i like to check how would be the batch name be: do i create them again? (which i did), this customer doesn’t have any bank account

thus i used, function> apply entries> select the record i want to pay> application button> set applies-to id.

when i input $2.5 million in the amount field, i got a warning stating that customer had overdue balance and customer credit limit, do you still want to record the amount? when i press yes, the value is copied over to debit amount field.

during posting i got error: Amount must be negatve in Gen. Journal Template Name=‘CASH RECEI’, Journal Batch Name=‘AMEX-AUG-S’,Line No…=10000’.

what happen?

Also when I Un Applies-To ID, and did posting I got another error:
Document No. CSR11-000323 is out of balance by -68,672.33. Please check that Posting Date, Document No. and Amount are correct for each line.


while recording the transaction ensure that it is balanced(dr=cr).In this case Dr goes to bank and cr goes to customer.

If you are balancing on on Jv line,the Account Type should be option “Bank” then account No. Bal. account type customer,then Customer No on Bal. account No.

Basically ensure is balanced.



Very much thank you! My understanding base on your explanation:

  1. if (account type = customer) THEN Bal, Account No. := (choose a bank account correspond to it)
    2.Now I would like to apply this payment to several invoice, how can I proceed?

i tried applied entries via customer card> customer> ledger entries> select the last record (document type:payment-
the one that i just post it on journal line), function> apply entries> select multiple invoice> via shift + f9> application> post application.

results: the application was successfully posted though no entries have been applied.

how come it happens like that?

hi all,

I got it >>

thank you everyone for helping out!

just wondering, if my payment is $100, invoice applied only $20 and post.

i would have balance of $80 dollars, can i re-use the same payment journal again?

80 will remain open and can be used later to apply to any entry of opposite nature.

Hi there,

thank you, sorry for asking all ‘stupid’ qs all this while, i am still learning navision :slight_smile:

have a great day.