Cash Receipt Journal

Hi, I have the following request from our Finance Dept. On entering cash receipts, a new facility is requested to identify if debtor is paying actual cash or by Cheque. If payment is by Cheque, additional information needs to be keyed in (related to the particular cheque) such as Cheque No, Bank A/C, Bank Name, Drawn by and so on. All this info is needed for two particular reasons 1. to be fully tracable in case of any query 2. since it would be very helpful if Navision is able to suggest Bank deposit for the day; ie a report which shows how much money will be deposited in Bank, grouping Cash seperate from Cheques Is Navision able to do this? Can you please suggest some ideas how to handle this request [:0]

I always did this using the document number. The document number could be the paying in slip number. In description you could put the details you require chq… or csh… This needs no programming just training. I am sure someone could suggest some programming methods, but again training would be needed

Fairbanks, thanks for your suggestions, although I am afraid end users are not always consistent and can forget to enter correct description. This would then mix up the whole sort order when running Bank Deposit report. Also the other fields required if paid by check are still needed. Is this function really missing in Navision [?]

Hi Angelo You can already enter bank data such as bank branch and bank account number, this detail does not post through to the Customer Ledger Entry but can be used on the deposit slip report. You could create the other fields required. Don’t forget that you can also set up bank account info against the customer and then the user just selects the bank account on the cash receipt journal line. You can put the check number in document number or external document number. It does however sound as if you will require a mod of some kind. Cheers Peter

Thanks Peter for your contribution. I was thinking of creating some fields in the journal and when selecting POST, modify this code to call a new code unit which posts these fields into a new table. This way, we do not really alter the post function and keep modifications outside the actual Navision tables. My only worry is how to make Navigate look also into this new table.[B)] Any ideas or comments about this???