How to pass purchlineRecId for Customized Purchaseorder Report

I Customized in PO Report

my menu Item to assign in ->\DataDictionary\tables\VendPurchOrderJour\reportMenuToRun() this method

but my report was not run properly.

passing args empty. in this method (\DataDictionary\tables\VendPurchOrderJour\PrintJournal() )

how to get purchLineRecId or Buffer and pass args to my report.

version : ax 2012

Purchase Order Confirmation Report

Pls tell where u want purchLineRecId.??

this place-> (\DataDictionary\tables\VendPurchOrderJour\PrintJournal() )

See the relations between VendPurchOrderJour and VendPurchOrderTrans…
see the method in…\Data Dictionary\Tables\VendPurchOrderTrans\Methods\purchLine

no table for this name (vendpurchordertrans)

Sorry…table name is PurchPurchaseOrderHeader in ax 2012

What are all the changes you made? If possible show us your changes.

I replace the purchase order confirmation report menu item to my customized report menu item

but the report was Empty (No fetch any Data ) how to run my report

here standard pass the args…,

now what I change this code for run mu report…,

Look at the cross references of the printJournal method? Try to debug and see how the journalList parameter is handled?
Does the menu item uses the same controller like the standard? What is the purpose of creating a new menu item?

I am new of ax …, I tired to debug that class already but i can’t find pls tell how to pass args(purchId or any Reference id) …,

Can you answer the other questions i had in my previous post and can you also show the call stack please?