print the report when a a MenuItem is clicked???

hi All,

I just want to know where to write the code to directly get the output as report when a menuitem is been clicked in salesTable form


what u want exactly? If u don’t want the interacter ,where u can add range…then go to Properties of the report and make the property interactive as ‘no’ , and go to query properties there also do the same …


Where exactly do you place the menu item? In which form?

hi divya,

I have placed it in the Inquires Button in salesTable

Hi ,

Is ur issue resolved …?If not can i know , exactly what u want?

Hi Jasmine,

Your doin it in Sales Header or Sales Line table?

Anyways this is a sample code done for Purchase Header table. You do the same for the table you want. Create a record variable for the respective table and write the following code on OnPush() of the menu item which you have created. Change the report id to which you want to run in the following code. Im too a beginner, hope this works for u…

REPORT.RUNMODAL( 50002,TRUE,FALSE,PurchaseHeader);


In VendPackingSlipJour Table, in print journal method, u can get the code for which you want…Write the code in click method…Hope, this will surely work as it is a standard code…

hi all,

I ll work as per your suggestion and let you know all…thanks for your valuable solutions.


It can be done by…

Goto MenuItemButton properties, over there MenuItemType as Output and MenuItemName as the report name which you have created in the.[The report which you created need to have output menuitem].

Or the other way is to get it by code, it can found in the standard AX.