How to delete PO


i have created one PO and posted it as receive now when iam trying to delete the purchase order iam getting error as " Qty.Rcd. Not Invoiced must be 0 in purchase line document Type = ‘ORDER’, Document NO:= ‘P0003’, LIne No := 10000 "

Why iam getting this error

Also how to delete open ledger entries


You can only delete PO where there is no receipt & Invoice related to it.

what you can do, go that posted receipt…then go to function undo receipt & then try to delete that PO…

thank u very much bharatwaj so kind of u

Thanks u are welcome…Veda

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You can also delete PO which has been completely invoiced. Further there is a batch job in the system to do such activity.

NAV does not allow the deletion of PO where receipt has been made but invoicing is pending.

You can also delete a PO where the quantity invoiced is equal to the quantity received. so a PO for 10, which has received and invoiced 5, can be deleted with no problem.

This statement is simply not true. How can it have beed suggested and verified as correct?

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