Delete PO status Received can not deleted

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have created PO for test that status is “received”.

Now i want to delete it but it show info " Purchase line must be invoiced first ".

Please teach me how to delete it . Thanks

Ps : I’m new developer in ax 2009 .


You can’t delete the PO when the status is Received.

Solution is Create a negative Quantity (ie the quantity already received) in the same purchase order. Do invoice posting for both the lines together. Ensure that the Total invoice value should be Zero. Post the invoice. Now the you will see the one positive and equal negative entry in the inventory transaction and transaction will be closed.

Worked out and confirm.


Why do you want to delete this?

Many thanks Prabu.

In case, end-user or manager post incorrect PO . I want to return prev status.


First, you must cancel all good receipt of that PO. The PO status should back to open order and you can cancel the PO.

Note : this work if good receipt haven’t invoiced yet.



Dear Dat Le,

Have you tried the solution and your problem solved?


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