How to delete a wrong Purchase Order with Receipt and Return Order


Assuming I have fully received the quantity of a PO, I can’t undo a receipt and therefore I can only use Return Order to post the entry. However, in PO, the “Quantity Received” will not changed to 0, so I can’t possibly just delete the PO.

How can I get rid of this Purchase Order and not leaving there as outstanding forever?

I tried using Delete Invoiced Purchase Order but it doesn’t delete it.


Hi Adrian,

The “quantity received” in your old PO will not changed to 0. return order means you return the goods back to your vendor from your inventory. so when you created it nav only reverse the item ledger entry and value entry table.

I suggest you to create a new purchase order rather delete the PO. your old one will not be an outstanding order because you already post the receipt document.

deleting a document because you want to cancel it in nav is a big no. but there is another way to cancelled a document ie. by reduced the quantity to 0.



Hi Yosa,

Thanks for you reply. However, how is it possible to change the quantity to something lower than the “Quantity Received”?

Nav won’t allow user to do that. And how you cancel the document?

Is the “Undo Receipt”-function you are looking for?
If you received your goods, and not invoiced it, this is the one to use.

Open the Posted Receipt, mark the lines to undo, select Function → “Undo Receipt”.

This will work, but only if the received items has not been sold.

Hi thanks. Undo Receipt won’t work as the quantity is fully received, if partially received, that’s the most ideal solution and the PO can be resued.

well, in my opinion actually it is alright to undo fully received item as long as you haven’t invoiced the PO or the item has not been sold. If you already created the invoice then you should make credit memo and It would be more complicated if you already sold the item.

I rarely use return order because after It has been posted I can’t use my PO anymore (I have to create new PO like I mentioned above).

and btw, the way i cancel the document is to reduced the qty on related order to 0. so there will be no outstanding orders and my order list will be in sequence. and if you want some extrawork maybe you could add a status for cancelled document



Hi, am using NAV2013 R2 and cannot Undo a Receipt with >18 Lines. Is this a known ‘issue’ or maybe I am not using correct procedure … any comments greatly accepted.


  1. Only not invoiced receipts can be un-done.
  2. Even receipts not invoiced can not be undone IF items are already “consumed” in any way. in other words, if un-doing causes negative inventory.

Another issue maybe that you have put away turned on so if you have created an inventory put away then you can’t reverse a purchase receipt.