How to create bin code by year

hi guys,

anyone ever encounter creating bin code by year as sufix?

I have a lists of bin codes some with sequencing pattern(with year as sufix) with description= System Generated and all with same bin ranking created ban4dx_11, ban4dx_12…

eg: ban4dx_11, ban4dx_12?

What exactly is your requirement?

The requirement given:

Customer have a lists of bin codes in a certain location, but only some bin code ends with year (ban4dx_11, ban4dx_12)

1.creata new bin code
2.with year as sufix (ban4dx_11, ban4dx_12)

Potential Problem:
3.But because in the description there’s : "System Generated ", it might not be created manually.

How can I create the bin code with ending ‘_10’, ‘_11’, ’ _12’, ‘_13’
When I filter Description by System Generated, the whole lists of bin with ending as year appears, but there dont have
a standard convention or sequence in naming (eg: 5-C1_11, 5-C2,
Q/33S_11, Q/33S_12,
D58-UT_11, D58-UT_12)

From above example of various bin code I am suppose to create 5-C1_13, Q/33S_13, D58-UT_13

And Mohana, The Export bin ranking, Local Bin ranking, Transport bin Ranking, Air bin Ranking values had to be similar with previous year…

What will happen to the remaining stock in that bin ???


we only responsible for creating new bin, stocks trfr, reclass, adjmt etc etc… will be done by whse staff.

How are you creating Bin’s?

thats actually my headache part…

how to go about creating for user… the bin ending with year…

I still feel kindly analyze the different scenario before creating yearwise bin and impact on inventory as this will surely create mess in Inventory…

hi amol,

pardon me for my ignorance, but i dont know by creating new bins code without transferring stocks, how will that mess up inventory?

unfortunately there required a customize object to do this…