Warehouse Classes & Default Bin

I’m getting in to a muddle with the setup of WMS. I have a client with the requirement to have multiple warehouse classes (No problem) they also use directed put-aways. You can however only setup 1 Receipt Bin code - (GOODSIN) this may have a warehouse class that is different to the warehouse class that is associated to the Item i am about to receive! Therefore from the purchase order i can not select create warehouse shipment. Because the classes do not match. The workaround is to create a warehouse receipt changes the Zone and Bin code to that which has the correct class and then get Source documents. I presume that if there were 3 different items on this purchase orders with 3 different classes then in the Whse. System i would have to create 3 different receipts, each with the corresponding Class! Can anyone confirm if this is infact the case??? I would have thought that the Receipt bin should ignore class at that stage and let the put-away deal with that aspect! Is this a setup issue! Cheers folks

Hi Andrew It is probably an area no one has used [:D] Looking at it the warehouse class is assigned to a product group, meaning the item receives that class, the default receipt bin also has a class set against it and as you correctly state they need to be the same to generate the receipt. It sounds as though you are generating the receipt from the warehouse rather than the purchase order, so the only option to you as standard is to select the bin code - you will need to set up different receipt bins for the warehouse classes, and then receive them into the appropriate bin. Warehouse classes are there to sgreate items, so if it is hazardous, or frozen it is treated appropriately - I am assuming your items require this differential of definition, if not is there another field you could use? I would, however, argue that at the receipt stage if you are utilising put aways, it is a transitionary bin, so the warehouse class code is not necessary, but if you are not using put aways it is. you may want to log this one with MBS as it does not seem 100% correct, or you may want to modify it to get it to work!

This is Microsofts response:


Regarding warehouse class code, it´s of great importance that the warehouse employees knows products and storage differencies when handling warehouse class code rules within the warehouse. An important thing to have in mind when applying warehouse class code to items and bins, is that you can not have a default bin when handling warehouse class code items, so in your setup you can not add default bin code to the areas in which you like to handle items with warehouse class code.

So what they are saying is you cannot set the system p the way you want to with directed put aways and different warehouse classes. In another comment they said the immortal words: “By Design”.