Navision Bin Code definition inconsistent

In table 99001955 (Warehouse Journal), the Bin is defined as Code 20. In table 83 (Item Journal Line), the Bin Code is defined as Code 10.

Dear Matt, I’ve not found the table 99001955 (Warehouse Journal) in my Navision Attain database (ver.W1 3.01B). Perhaps, your database is customized according to local requirements (Canadian localization?). As for Bin Code definition consistence in NA W1 3.01B, see the examples: 5767 “Warehouse Activity Line”, “Shelf/Bin No.” Code(10) 32 “Item Ledger Entry”, “Bin Code” Code(10) 83 “Item Journal Line”, “Bin Code” Code(10) Regards, Yuri Pokusaev IBS, Senior Consultant NCPS, NCSD +7(095)987-8080

Most (or all) of the Warehouse Management functionality is not included in the first release of Attain. This client’s database is a 2.60E (Canadian).

I think that what Matt is talking about is the US Advanced Distribution add-on, coming soon to an Attain version near you. FYI the field “Bin Code” has absolutely no connection what so ever with the Advanced Distribution field “Bin”. It is easy to confuse the two, because the names are so similar. This post really belongs in the Advanced Distribution section ( _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@home.com___________

Be aware gentlemen… In Navision Attain, there has been a naming change. What is formerly (in version 2.6) Basic Shipping and Receiving is now called (in Attain / 3.01) Warehouse Management. Also what is formerly (in version 2.6) Warehouse Management is now called Warehouse Management Systems. The real caveat is that in Attain, Warehouse Management Systems has not yet been released. The expectation is for this not to be available in the US until 1st or 2nd quarter 2002. This means that for those of you desiring to upgrade your 2.6 Adv. Distribution customers to Attain, you’ll need to wait if this functionality is required.