How to break a page?"NAV 2015"


I have develop a customized report. My problem is that when I Have to print specific lines on per page not for group wise.

Please suggest me how I do that?

Thanks in advance.

You’re always going to need to group on something to force the break.

This blog is for 2013 but the method of achieving this is largely the same, it should solve you issue.

  • Josh

Hi Josh,

Thanks for replying but I want break page not for group wise I want to print 7 lines on every page.

I get a solution for predefined reports only On this blog But i want to break page on customized report.

How I do that.

You have to use Integer table to control the printing of lines on specific page of report.

Thanks for everyone for replying,

I got the solution for to print fixed line on every page.

First I have to create RowNo variable it initialize to zero on OnAfterGetRecort trigger on 1s tDataItem then

it increments the Integer DataItem OnAfterGetRecort trigger

RowNo := RowNo + 1;

then go to the report Design Create Parent Group with expression


then go to Group Properties in page break

Between each instance of a group = true

It prints the 10 lines per page.