HOW TO Break page by group?

we want our report to Break page by group, can i do that within NAV, if so, any body knows how?


A1 ------ dflkgdl d00dfg

A1 ------ ddfdg\l d00dfg

A1 ------ dflkgdl d00dfg

total 3

A2 ------ dflkgdl d00dfg

A2 ------ dflkgdl d00dfg

total 2

Total 5


just put CURRREPORT.NEWPAGE; in the Onpostsection of your groupfooter section

Hi, Meant to say - there is also a NewPagePerGroup on the dataitem as well.

Thanks guys, I got it. But you guys forget mention I need to fill in groupTotalField to group the data.Take me a while to figure that out.

Still, thanks a lot!

[:$] Sorry assumed you had figured this out. You can use the TotalFields property to total/subtotal fields. A good start is to look at the report chapter in the application developers guide (w1w1adg.pdf) which is in the Doc directory of your Nav CD/DVD