How not to print a detail line in a report??

I am working on a Bill of Material report and we want to exclude the little “Inventory Posting Group” - Expense items from the report. I can exclude Expense from the Item main selection line but when I get into the lower levels I can’t exclude these nuts and bolts stuff. It is a valid BOM but when we send it to the Customer we only want to show the “Inventory Posting Group” Finished parts that make up the part were selling them. This little stuff adds pages and pages to the report. This is Navision Report - 99000753.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Greg,

In the detail dataitem (BOM component) create a variable for item record and get the record. If the posting group doesn’t match the skip

i.e. (sample code off the top of my head)

ItemRec.get( “BOM Component”.“no.” );

if Itemrec.“Inventory Posting Group” = ‘EXPENSE’ then


Thanks Dave.

I’ll try it.