Suppressing printing records with blank fields

I am designing a report in Navision that will use four tables - Sales Header, Sales Line, Customer and Item. The information generated from these tables will be printed in tabular form as one record. I only want to print records that contain an item description. If the item description is blank, I do not want the record printed. The item description is from a Sales Line table but the data field is moved into the Sales Header Body. C/A code was correctly entered so that compiling works properly. However, when the report is run a will print a record whether the item decription field is blank or not. How can I stop the report from printing these records? I went to the PrintOnlyIfDetail Property to change to Yes, but I think I need to code the Item field that should print in Properties somehow. Thanks for your assistance!

Hi , I don’t what the logic you used in this report but Just make a condition … after getting record … if this field = “” then skip the report . See skip from reference help menu . Good luck

Thanks for the reply. Need to read about condition statements now. Will give it a try!

Got it to print the way I wanted it to print. Thx!