Report designer

I have a report with 2 dataitems


Sales Shipment lines

In section designer iI created

A customer Body(4) section with Customer nº

A sales Shipment line header with Order Nº

A Sales Shipment line Body (3) with order details

In this case, how can i skip the Customer Body(4) section, when i don’t have any detail to print in Sales Shipment lines Body (3) section?

This is, i don’t want to print customer number when i do not have any sales shipment lines for that customer.

Note: At this moment all data in report is ok, but the Body 4 section is printed even if customer does not have any Sales Shipment lines


For the dataitem Customer, set the PrintOnlyIfDeatil to yes.

Customer >> Shift+ F4 >>PrintOnlyIfDetail>> Yes.

Set the property “Print only if Details” for the customer dataitem if the SalesShipmentHeader dataitem has a tablerelation to the customer dataitem.

Thanks, now is OK