Can I extract all the BOM’s(Bill of Materials) information in one shot instead of going individually and capturing them.



Could you explain what you want to do it for?

The simple answer is yes, write a dataport on the BOM Component table.


Thanks for your reply. To better explain my question please read my ficticious example

Let us Suppose, we have

Finished Goods(FG) # 1 having Nav Part No. 1100-3412-0000

and it has components 1. Part No. P0001-009 2. Part No. J735-9000-08 and so on

Similarly we have FG#2, Fg # 3 and so on.

My question is how can i extract following information from NAV in one go instead of capturing these information by visiting FG’s individually

FG#1 component#1 Component #2 Component #3

FG#2 component#1 Component #2 Component #3 Component #4

FG#3 component#1 Component #2



You would write a report, or dataport on table 90. If you go to the object designer and go to table 90 and open it you will see all of the information you need. Please however do not do this on a live database, or do it if you do not know what the object designer is, but here you will see the data, your next part is to get it out.

In Product Design in Manufacturing you have a Reports section and in here is a report called “Quantity explosion of BOM”. with no filters this gives you what you need in a stadnard format.

Hi Adam

Please accept my apologies for my poor understanding of NAV 5.0. Please correct me, if I am wrong - I tried following

Manufacturing---------> Product Design----------->Reports-------->Quantity Explosion of BOM--------> Item---------> print preview

and found it is all blank.

This happened because i have not done the “report/table90” part suggested by you. Current NAV set-up does not allow me to access “object desiner” …so this means i have to forward this mail to our system manager.



Ah, so you do not use manufacturing and the Production BOM then? You are using the inventory BOM?

So try Warehouse - Plnning and Execution - Reports and Analyssi - Bills of Material - BOMs

If you are using production BOMs then you are filtering everthing out of the report.