explode BOM

On a sales order when we Explode the BOM it moves over the quantity correctly but it removes the price and put in the price of each BOM unit. Is there a way to keep the price on the original item?

There is no place to show the price - the line holding original Item Descr has become a comment line.

Besides, if you simply delete (zero out) the Price for exploded lines and manually enter the summarized price in that comment line above, it will result in a 100% discount, which, I suppose, is not what you want to achieve.

If you do not want the customer to see the BOM parts individual prices, simply redesign the Report(s) that prints the sales documents - your customer sees only the hardcopy, not what’s shown on your screen.
It’s a rather common request from endusers and not so complicated to design.

The customer still needs to see the Price on the Item just not the BOM and how do I get that back into the system?

Just modify (or ask your MS Partner to do that, if you do not have in-house rights/skills) the according Report as you wish to see it - only summarized BOM price, prices per components or both. That all can be done at report level.

In NAV itself, there is nothing to “get back into system”.

If the Assembly BOM is exploded, system will “write off” the stock the component Items directly, NOT the compound Item.

Note that Items having Assembly BOM are usually not purchased, you create them by BOM Journal just to speed up sales docs entry for compound merchandise - look at them as later introduced KITS. It is NOT manufacturing, that for Production BOMs are, and those are created in MFG module.

If you have created compound Items by means of BOM Journal and want to sell THOSE, then do NOT explode the Assembly BOM Item in sales document. In such case if you still want to show the components in sales doc, the “exploding” can be done in the corresponding Report - a bit more complicated, but achievable. No actual “exploding” will occur, the Report simply will fetch the info from BOM list and print it, and when shipment is posted, NAV will accurately decrease compound Item from stock, not the components.