Historical Aged Payables don't match General Ledger A/p balance

At 8/31/11 (!), our Historical Aged Trial Balance Report run through our A/P Purchasing module shows we have $900,100 of payables. When I run the 8/31/11 general ledger trial balance for our Accounts Payable account, it shows $537,000 of payables. We did not have this large discrepancy at 7/31/11, so errors must have been made in Aug 2011. My first thought was that we’d posted to the GL Accounts Payable account without going through our A/P module. But I’ve run the Aug 2011 general ledger detail for our A/P account and all transactions posted to those accounts did come through the A/P module.

What’s the next step to resolve this? Thanks a million for your help.


Is this GP or AX?

Sorry, i’m a new user and initially put this in the AX forum, but my question is about GP. Can you help? Thanks.