Aged Accounts Payable Report

Hi Forum, I have a user who is disputing how the above is supposed to work. If the report is run for todays date aged by posting date or due date, the total balance agress with the Chart of Accounts Payables Account, however if the report is run for say 31st December 2009 aged by Posting Date the Total Balance agrees with the C of A Payables Account as at 31/12/09 BUT if the report is run for 31st Dec 2009 aged by Due Date, the total balance is completely different. I have told the user that this is correct but then user says the Total Balance should always be the same. Does anyone agree/disagree with me, please let me have your views on this. Paul

You are right. Nav balances by Posting Date (of each Transaction) but the Due Date can be any date in the future (or past) and that may be out side the Date Filters set for the report.

Please remind me about the the date dates you are you using to generate the report.

Hi jsrark, if I run it for today (10/02/10) aged by either Posting Date or Due Date, the total balance is the same(-538,976.33) as per the Payables Account balance in the Chart of Accounts. If I run it dated 31/08/09 aged by Posting date, the Total Balance is -1,075,868.10 which agrees with the Payables Account with a flowfilter of …310809. If I then run it dated 31/08/09 aged by Due date, the Total Balance is -897,292.45. The User is expecting the Balance to be the same with the date set 31/08/09 regardless of aging by Posting Date or Due Date. Paul

Sorry I don’t have access to the GB version.

In principle though what your customer is saying (IMHO) is correct.

The report takes two dates into account. One the cut off date for the entire report, second the dates used to determine the age of each transaction.

The cutoff date filters on posting date, which should match in the Vendor entries and GL entries. So if we add up all the buckets, then the total should be the same as the GL balance on that day.

What I think is happening, is that the entries that are posted before the cutoff date, BUT the due date is more than a period past the cutoff date will be marked as not due, and for some reason are not being included in the total.

Actually this will be easy to test, just post an entry that wont appear on the report by due date and see why its not there. You would only need to craete two invoices on a new vendor to test this.

Hi David,

I will give that a try as soon as I can and let you know. Paul

Hi David, as usaul, you are correct. I did 2 tests, one with posting Date of today with Payment terms of 60 days and another dated 31/08/09 with same pay terms and was able to see what was happening. Thanks for your help and advice. Paul