Navision Aged Analysis Reports not Agreeing With GL Values

I have a user of Navision 4.0 who is trying to run Navision report 120 “Aged Accounts Receivable” as at 31/03/06 and printing amounts in LCY. The overall total of the report does not tie in with the relevent G/L account filtered balance for the same date range.

The “Direct Posting” option is unticked on the G/L account and I am happy that all entries have come directly from customer transactions or from Currency exchange variations.

I have identified the customer accounts with discrepencies but there are hundreds of transactions to trawl through to try and pinpoint specific problem transactions.

Has anybody encountered this problem before and know of any quick fixs or do I have to go through all the customer ledger entries to compare the LCY amount to the equivelent entry on the G/L entry Table. (I have a sneaking suspicion that it may be where “Reverse Transaction” or “Unapply Entries” have been used)


The amounts can be different depending on what option they chose.

Aged by…

-Due Date

-Trans Date

-Doc Date

We use Trans Date…Mostly

Yes we have the problem the fix I have come up with is to modify the report

Change the property on report 10040

Data Item → Cust.ledger Entry

DataItemTableView → Open=Const(Yes)

delete this, so it looks at all entries.

I am aging by “Posting Date” so there shouldnt be a discrepency

TheMave is now officially a STAR - That worked a treat[:D] If you’re ever in Dublin i’ll buy you a pint…

So where was your discrepancy? [:D]

It look like the system was calculating the wrong amount outstanding on some transactions for some customers. The code change “Themave” suggested appears to have sorted this out.

I see, there was an issue with the headings and the balance and remaining amount incorrectly calculating in 4.0, but it was fixed it was probably that rather than something new and it took your explanation to refresh my knowledge of a previous problem - thanks for clarifying though!