Aged Debtors Report - not matching G/L

A client wants to know when they run the Aged Debtors Report on all customers, why the Balance total/Remaining amount changes if they choose ‘print details’ on the options tab and then it doesn’t match the G/L, they also choose LCY. Can anyone offer an explanation, any help is much appreciated.

Hi Mike - what version are you using? I know there was a problem with 3.01 and possibly 3.10 - there is a hot fix for this. It came about with the introduction of detailed ledger entries. As far as I know, there is no problem with the aged debtors in 3.60…

That sounds odd. In Chronus the Aged Debtors report equals the total in the G/L for both print detail and summary. Check the G/L account card(s) that you post to. They field Direct Posting should be set to No. If Direct posting is allowed then that would potentially be a good reason for an imbalance.

Thanks for your quick replies, the version being used is 3.10, in the meantime I’ll try and hunt down that hotfix.

Does anybody know the number of the hotfix for version 3.10 UK??


I can’t find Hotfix 15 for 3.10 on the faq, anyone point me in the right direction?

Sorry. this was fixed in hotfix 15 for version 3.60. I’m not sure if there was the same error in 3.10

Client has also informed me that this is also happening on Inventory Valuation report when a filter is set on inventory(<>0)? Is this also corrected in the hotfix - which I’m still searching for.

Hi Mike You have to be careful with the filtering in these reports and understand the physical processing. If you have the filter Inventory <>0 and the ending date in the future it will work, if you are back dating the valuation to the end of last month it will not work. The reason it will not work is that the filter looks at the inventory level as of today, and then calculates the value as of the date set, so this would really mess up any reconciliation [:D] In short do not run the report with this filter set, and it will not be fixed because they will not perceive it as a bug [:D] Have fun!

Thanks Steven, does this also apply to the ‘Aged Debtors’ report as well eg/if setting a filter on balance <>0 with ‘aged by’ 2 months earlier, it seems that the report is looking at balances as of todays date and then displaying the wrong records[:(]

Hi Mike Well from the smiley you guessed correctly - the balance will look at the balance now, so if they have paid inbetween the aged as of date and the current date the balance will be zero and you will not see the debt as of that date! Sorry [:D]

hi please check if there are some direct posting to the control acccount in G/L. This may also be a reason for data mismatch. with regards hari