first of all where can i find the solution list for all this error messages. Now a days I am getting this error message which stands for err_DB_packetchecksumError DB_ERR my congiurations : Navision financials 2.60 Windows 2000 Server with ADS HELP ME

hi Jaggu please go to this link ( i think u must have already did this) but then too please do tell me how to use it when u have finished solving the problem bye & regards Vaibhav

Hi vaibhav, The way you can use net command is as follows : net helpmsg x you have got. or open the fin.etx file as mentioned and search for your error as follows first search for your module no. which can be find by search for @1@@0@ then, under that search for your error no. Thanks for providing such a good information. Cheers Jag